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5 weeks old. What's happened, where has our box moved to?

And look, it's even easier to get out of it now -a door in the front!

Food! This is all very interesting.

The pups quickly settled in the kennel. And I was able to scrub the floors clean indoors !

Rio and friends looking in at the pups. Rio doesn't live with them now, she's had enough, but goes to visit a few times a day.

Ripley looking in at her grandpuppies.

5 weeks 2 days old

Mirror, mirror........


The first time I placed an empty food dish like this several pups ran up to it and barked at their own reflections.

5 weeks 3 days. There's a big world outside the kennel as WELL!

Maybe we should hide

No, let's play!

Oh, who are you? You look a bit like our mum but have no milk?

"I'm uncle Z!"

Oh look, another dog! She looks weird though, like a tiger striped Malinois with funny ears??

Meeting aunty Matilda.


This is the bitch pup I am keeping

Her again

5 weeks 5 days, Ferdinand

5 weeks 5 days, 2 dog pups

5 weeks 5 days -this pup is going to the same home as Zig Zac -they will both be working security dogs

5 weeks 6 days. Yes we definitely need 2 food trays now, but even then it's rather crowded!

We love being outside. Our run is mcuh bigger than this as it extends on the opposite side down the width of the house.

We can see all the big dogs through the wire and sometimes they come in to visit.

Granny Ripley really likes to see us.


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