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6 weeks old today; 19th of May

The huge puppy pen is being dismantled

White and Beige with the wobbleboard

Wow, we have a living room WITHOUT a kennel inside it! Even a new couch. (The near one.) It cost us all of £2.99 on Ebay! So if the pups chew it, it's not the end of the earth.

Black asleep

Blue asleep

Blue trying (and failing) to get onto one of the armchairs

Blue, Purple, Walnut and Chance

Pale Green asleep with a matching toy

Mickey tells Purple she can't get onto the couch. Bobby and Penny are glad they can have some peace.

Blurred photo again. Purple found a towel.

Playing with Walnut

More trouser tugging

White with a ball

White asleep


Yellow with Penny on the 22nd of May 2015

24th of May. Mickey is just one of the gang.

25th of May. 6 weeks 6 days. We have ALL inherited our daddy's great love for tugging.

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