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7 weeks old. A box is fun.

26th of May 2015

ALMOST managed to get all 12 pups together. Plus Walnut. Still 26th of May.

27th of May. First van journey. All 12 of us went to the vet for a health check. The vet said we were all just perfect.

All 12 together for the last time.

First pup to leave was Yellow; GOLDMALI KISS FROM A ROSE. Her pet name is BLISS, she lives in Bridlington and she is going to be a showdog and practice flyball.

Second pup to leave was green. GOLDMALI KAYLEE. Kaylee is living in Driffield where she will train for working trials.

Third pup to leave was GOLDMALI KALINKA, white collar bitch. Pet name Zelda. She now lives in Bromsgrove and she is going to be trained to be a cadaver dog.

Fourth pup to leave was orange; GOLDMALI KEEPSAKE. His pet name is Boris and he is going to train for IPO, in Leighton Buzzard.

Fifth pup to leave was red; GOLDMALI KYRIE. Pet name Miley. She's going to go running with her owners in the Wirral.

Sixth pup to leave was pink; GOLDMALI KIMBERLY, pet name Sasha. She's gone all the way to Glasgow to live with a Pug and have an active life.

Brown is GOLDMALI KIND OF MAGIC, and Magic is staying here with us.

Beige is leaving soon for Tonbridge where he will be trained to be an assistance dog. GOLDMALI KITE. His pet name will be Fenrir.

Purple is GOLDMALI KISMET and she will also give flyball a go when she leaves. Pet name Wish.

Pale Green is GOLDMALI KELSEY who is going to an active family. Pet name Lily.

Black is GOLDMALI KOBE, and Kobe is going to live with a Malinois friend.

Blue is GOLDMALI KING OF HEARTS and he is still looking for a home! (REX ended up staying here for life!)

29th of May. Mickey and friends.

More tugging. 29th of May.

Magic and Mickey


Kobe pretending to be a cat

6th of June; lead training (in shifts!) outside with the remaining pups who were Brown, Blue, Purple, Beige, Pale Green and Black. Some were more willing than others!

10th of June; four pups left. 3 days later there were just Magic and Rex left.