Rio's puppies to Cougar

Page 10: 9 weeks old. FINAL PAGE.

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Roxie at 9 weeks 1 day old


9 weeks 4 days old and Axel (Careless Whisper) is leaving for his new home in Hampshire.

9 weeks 5 days old. Well, there are TWO pups left after all.

The home for Copacobana fell through. He is currently looking for a good home. In the meantime, he has to start training and socialising both together with and separate from Roxie. For now at least, we will call him ROCCO.

Here are Rocco and Roxie on their first ever walk.


We now live with all the adult dogs. It was NOT us that chewed the kitchen lino!

Kiara did it when she was a puppy, honest! Here we are with uncle Z and aunty Matilda.

That first walk wore us out.


This is the final page for this litter. Further photos of Roxie will be placed on her own page (coming soon),

and photos of the sold puppies on the puppy photos page.