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7 weeks 2 days old and all 9 pups together for the last day.

Goldmali Fame, bitch, pet name Fame -staying with us

Goldmali Firework, bitch, pet name Dot -staying with us

Goldmali Flashdance, bitch, pet name Taima - now living with Thea and dad Luta

Goldmali Fire With Fire ("the pup formerly known as Flash"), dog, pet name Aspen, now living with Thea

Goldmali Faith, bitch, due to be collected by Lewis

Goldmali Flash, dog, now living with Chris

Goldmali Fabulous, bitch, due to be collected by the MOD

Goldmali Fancy, bitch, due to be collected by the MOD

Goldmali Firecracker, dog, pet name Stanley, due to be collected by Alan and Lesley who have his older half sister Ruby

Granny (Marianne's mum) has come to stay and has been given the bedroom and we sleep on folding beds in the living room. The pups REALLY enjoy having a bed at night as you can see.

Visiting granny from Sweden

What do you mean the beds are for the humans? They fit in as well -just!

7 weeks 6 days old and our first taste of raw meaty bones


I'll hide under the computer cupboard with my bone



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