Rio's puppies to Luta

Page 9; final page: 8 weeks old

This is the final page for this litter. Future photos will be added to "past puppies" page or Fame and Dot's own pages (coming soon-ish......)

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Flash in his new home

Flash and his new Rottweiler friend Tilly

Thea's pups Aspen and Taima having fun in their new home

Aspen (Fire With Fire) and Taima (Flashdance)

I'm Santa Claus with the big white beard


I'm a meerkat

I'm Aspen and I live in snowy Wales with my family


Christmas Eve 2010; 8 weeks and 5 days old. 5 pups still here. What IS that yellow thing you are wearing, Peanut?

Christmas Eve and a lot of presents were unwrapped -great fun

This is Fabulous

We didn't put the pups inside the puppy pen, we put the Christmas tree inside it instead. Much better.

Christmas Day and we go for our first walk away from home in the big field. 8 weeks 6 days old.

Dot and Fame went with Rio.


Dot having fun


Fame in the big, big world



Dot and Rio

Fancy and Fabulous went to the field together with Uncle Simba the Golden Retriever

Simba LOVES babysitting

Meanwhile in Wales, Thea's pups have turned into mountain goats where nothing is out of bounds!

On the 27th, Stanley (Firecracker) went to his new home (where big half sister Ruby lives) and he looks QUITE relaxed!

Stan the Man