Ripley's puppies with Kyp

6-7 weeks


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Doesn't time fly! 6 weeks and 1 day old already.

We are now BORED with the kennel and run and want the BIG WORLD.

Here's a thoughtful Angel.

AT LAST!!!! We get to play with uncle Simba! He's FUNNY!

"Come on puppies, jump on me!"

(I always KNEW Simba would do this with the pups! He loves it when puppies jump on him!)

"This is what Goldens do to get attention. Watch and learn!"


Bobby wants to say hello

(The little dogs go out into the cat run and don't mix with the big ones for safety reasons)

Simba and Ash

"Now this is a HOLE that your mother and I dug together. Watch carefully!"

You can get INSIDE the holes!

This is fun!


Simba on his back AGAIN

"Oh, a cat!"

NEXT: the puppies leave for their new homes